[odb-users] Internal Compiler Error in ODB 2.5.0-b.9 with Boost Profile

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Feb 18 09:21:07 EST 2019

Brian Coggins <becoggins at hotmail.com> writes:

> However, do you have an updated odb-boost somewhere?

The libodb-boost and libodb-qt packages are now on stage.build2.org. The
only requirement is that you upgrade your build2 toolchain from stage as
well (there is a fix in build2 that's required by these packages).

> The only problem I encountered when upgrading b9 to b11 was that the
> “bpkg uninstall --all --recursive” step in the instructions removes
> the ODB libraries, and that kills bpkg (which can’t find the ODB dylib).
> So I had to reinstall build2 at that point.

Yes, if you install both ODB and build2 into the same place, that would
happen, which is unfortunate. Need to think if we can do anything about

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