[odb-users] Using ODB from DLL on Windows XP

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Jun 29 02:33:02 EDT 2016

Hi Leo,

Leo Ashkinaziy <Leo_Ashkinaziy at symantec.com> writes:

> The solution in that thread seemed to comment out "#define 
> ODB_THREADS_TLS_DECLSPEC" in odb\details\config-vc.h and rebuild ODB.
> It did not work for me when I tried it, and actually caused crashes
> on other OS as well. Is there anything else to be tried?

Did you rebuild everything ODB-related after making this change? In
particular, you need to rebuild libodb-sqlite (and any other libodb*
library you may be using) as well as every project that links to
anything ODB-related. The only thing you don't need to rebuild is
the ODB compiler.


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