[odb-users] RE: about adding support of firebird to ODB

Tony Rietwyk tony.rietwyk at rightsoft.com.au
Wed Jan 23 18:14:51 EST 2013

Hi Boris, 

> > It might be hard to map Firebird's transactions, to those required by
> > odb.
> Hm, can you elaborate? Looking at IBPP sample code, their transaction
> semantics is pretty much exactly the same as in ODB. So if they could wrap
> the C API like this then so should we.

Nothing specific.  I didn't get into ODB well enough to see the similarities
in transaction levels.  I just assumed it would be one of those tricky
aspects to contend with when taking on any DBMS.  

> In general, I think IBPP will be a great reference for how to handle
things like
> transactions, prepared queries, etc.

Good to hear that.  



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