[odb-users] [Search of feature] LIKE in the ODB query language

florian grignon grignon.florian at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 09:39:36 EST 2013

Hello odb-users : )

I went over the last threads about odb, and I don't think my question has
every been asked.

My question(s) concern the ODB query language.

I'm looking for the like operator, and if not existing, I would patch or
add it to the library. But searching inside the source code of the library
(I'm under sqlite right now, but need it for SQlite, MySQL, and Postgre), I
don't find any operator like.
Even if we can do a "like" through the native query language.

Moreover, during my searches inside the source code, I don't find the
definition of the in operator and the in_range.

I would like to know how to add the like operator.

Thank you for all the work on ODB.

I'm looking forward to read from you.


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