[odb-users] Error C2766: explicit specialization; 'odb::mssql::default_type_traits<unsigned short>'

Tarik BENZ tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
Tue Apr 30 04:04:46 EDT 2013

Hello Boris,

Thank you for the response, indeed the problem was from the project settings as you thought.
But now I have more than 2000 error when i am compiling my project!
It is the same error, this is some examples :

Error    2    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Address::~Address(void)" (??1Address@@QAE at XZ) referenced in function __catch$??$_Resetp at VAddress@@@?$shared_ptr at VAddress@@@std@@AAEXPAVAddress@@@Z$0    D:\svn_checkout\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\trunk\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\Account-odb.obj    OslLaboratoryManagerApplication


Error    16    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Status::~Status(void)" (??1Status@@QAE at XZ)    D:\svn_checkout\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\trunk\OslLaboratoryManagerApplication\Status-odb.obj    OslLaboratoryManagerApplication

Do you know where this errors could come from?

Thank you for your help


> Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 22:09:49 +0200
> From: boris at codesynthesis.com
> To: tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
> CC: odb-users at codesynthesis.com
> Subject: Re: [odb-users] Error C2766: explicit specialization;	'odb::mssql::default_type_traits<unsigned short>'
> Hi Tarik,
> Tarik BENZ <tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr> writes:
> > I am trying to compile my project using odb on visual studio and 
> > I have this error :
> > 
> > Error C2766: explicit specialization; 'odb::mssql::default_type_traits<
> > unsigned short>' has already been defined
> My guess is the wchar_t type in your project is not treated as built-in
> type but rather as a typedef for unsigned short. To fix this, go to
> Porject Settings, C++, and look for an option to treat wchar_t as a
> built-in type. 
> I am actually surprised this option is not on in your project since
> that's the default. Have you maybe turned it off for some reason?
> Boris

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