[odb-users] Using ODB with qmake on Windows

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Oct 29 10:53:43 EDT 2012

Hi Jordan,

Jordan J. Neuhart <jneuhart at tlirr.com> writes:

> Is it possible to compile the odb libraries as static libraries?

Not at the moment but this is on our TODO list. Unfortunately, it is
not as easy as simply adding the necessary configurations to VC++
project files. libodb and some of the other runtimes use DllMain()
to perform some once-off initializations which we will have to figure
out how to do in a different way. Probably static initialization will
work in this case but we need to make sure.

> I have attached my working .pro file for you.  In summary, the only
> changes that were made were:
> Changing ${ODB_FILES} to $$ODB_FILES
> and
> changing the suppress unknown pragmas flag to -wd4068 to suppress pragma
> warnings for MSVC.

Great, thanks for sharing this. The first change (${ODB_FILES}) was
actually necessary even for Linux. So it's good to know that the same
rules work pretty much unchanged for both generated GNU makefiles and
Nmake makefiles.


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