[odb-users] Using ODB with qmake on Windows

Jordan J. Neuhart jneuhart at tlirr.com
Fri Oct 26 18:12:49 EDT 2012


Nevermind, I didn't realize that those were just import libraries.  My
bad, I was thinking that they were statically linked.  Once I moved the
dlls over into the Release folder with the .exe, all was well.  Is it
possible to compile the odb libraries as static libraries?  I have
attached my working .pro file for you.  In summary, the only changes
that were made were:

Changing ${ODB_FILES} to $$ODB_FILES


changing the suppress unknown pragmas flag to -wd4068 to suppress pragma
warnings for MSVC.

Thanks again,


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Hi Jordan,

Ok, I did some debugging and the culprit turned out to be this

odb.depends = ${ODB_FILES}

Instead it should read:

odb.depends = $$ODB_FILES

With this change I got as far as compiling the generated code.
Can you give this a try and let us know if it works for you? And if it
does, then a working test.pro file would be much appreciated.

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