[odb-users] Bug: Schema catalog registration not initialized in Visual Studio 2012 RC

Philippe Cadieux-Pelletier philly.dilly at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 08:03:51 EDT 2012

Hi Boris,
Just a heads up that I found a bug where it appears the static
schema_catalog_entry variables do not get initialized (and therefore
registered) prior to calling schema_catalog::create_schema. The current
workaround I have is to not compile the generated cxx but rather include it
in the same cpp file that calls schema_catalog::create_schema so that they
are in the same compilation unit. I'm not sure if the VC11 compiler now
lazily initializes global variables on a per compilation unit basis or if
it's the linker that stripped those globals since they aren't unreferenced.
My guess is that declaring the variables in the generated hxx file would
fix this.


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