[odb-users] Bug: Schema catalog registration not initialized in Visual Studio 2012 RC

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jun 14 09:02:40 EDT 2012

Hi Philippe,

Philippe Cadieux-Pelletier <philly.dilly at gmail.com> writes:

> Just a heads up that I found a bug where it appears the static
> schema_catalog_entry variables do not get initialized (and therefore
> registered) prior to calling schema_catalog::create_schema. The current
> workaround I have is to not compile the generated cxx but rather include it
> in the same cpp file that calls schema_catalog::create_schema so that they
> are in the same compilation unit.

This is very strange. Are you generating the schema creation code into
a separate file (i.e., using the '--schema-format separate' option) or
is it in the same source file as the rest of the generated code?

The only situation that I know can lead to this behavior is if you
generate the -schema.cxx file, package its object code into a static
library (.lib or .a), and then link this library into your executable.
In this case, because your application doesn't link to any of the
symbols from the -schema.cxx file directly, linker will not add it
to the executable. 

> I'm not sure if the VC11 compiler now lazily initializes global
> variables on a per compilation unit basis or if it's the linker
> that stripped those globals since they aren't unreferenced.

The lazy initialization would not be allowed by the standard since
it has side-effects. Also the fact that including the generated source
file into another source file fixes the problem suggests that something
else is going on. BTW, have you tried the same code with VC10?


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