[odb-users] odb-hello compile problem,help me

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Jun 12 12:13:18 EDT 2012


doitsjz <doitsjz at 163.com> writes:

> and odb.exe in the path.
> 1>odb.exe : error : system can't find the path
> when i in cmd window, enter "odb.exe --database sqlite --generate-query
> --generate-schema person.hxx" ,occur the same error.

My guess would be that you copied the odb.exe file to some other directory.
This is not supported, as stated in the README file:

"Note also that while you can move the ODB compiler directory around, you
 cannot move the individual sub-directories or files inside it. For example,
 copying the ODB compiler executable to C:\Windows will not work."

Try the following steps:

1. Unpack the odb-2.0.0-i686-windows.zip, say, to C:\
2. In the command prompt, run these commands:

   cd odb-2.0.0-i686-windows
   bin\odb.exe --database sqlite --generate-query --generate-schema path\to\person.hxx

If that works, then add C:\odb-2.0.0-i686-windows\bin path to the PATH
environment variable, as instructed in the README file.


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