[odb-users] Cannot Compile ODB Compiler on RHEL 8.5

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jun 16 10:11:13 EDT 2022

Tyler Lytle <tlytle123 at gmail.com> writes:

> I used the build2 tool and tried to build/install libodb-mysql. I noticed
> this output:
>   new libz/1.2.1200+1 (required by libcrypto, libmysqlclient)
>   new libcrypto/1.1.1+16 (required by libmysqlclient, libssl)
>   new libssl/1.1.1+16 (required by libmysqlclient)
>   new libmysqlclient/8.0.15+11 (required by libodb-mysql)
>   new libodb-mysql/2.5.0-b.21
> I am building this on RHEL 8.5 which has the 1.1.1k version of these
> OpenSSL libraries. Do I have to use these 1.1.1+16 libraries?

No, you can use the system-installed version:

$ bpkg drop libodb-mysql
$ bpkg build libodb-mysql ?sys:libssl ?sys:libcrypto

In fact, you may want to use system-installed libmysqlclient:

$ bpkg build libodb-mysql ?sys:libmysqlclient

The installation instructions that I linked to actually cover

> What changes were introduced in these 1.1.1+16 libraries?

1.1.1+16 is actually 1.1.1n: https://cppget.org/libssl

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