[odb-users] crach on vs2019

Сергей Никонов shprotello at mail.ru
Tue Jul 28 05:13:21 EDT 2020

I have a trouble concerned with migration from VS2015 to VS2019. Under VS2019 ODB crashes at transaction beginning. The call stack is here:
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection_factory::database() Line 212    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection::database() Line 39    C++
>    odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection::connection(odb::sqlite::connection_factory & cf, int extra_flags) Line 37    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection_pool_factory::pooled_connection::pooled_connection(odb::sqlite::connection_pool_factory & f, int extra_flags) Line 246    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection_pool_factory::create() Line 131    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::connection_pool_factory::connect() Line 172    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::database::connection_() Line 182    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::database::connection() Line 33    C++
     odb-sqlite-2.5.0-b.17.dll!odb::sqlite::transaction_impl::start() Line 43    C++
The sqlite::connection_factory instance db_ member is null. The same issue takes place if a database is being constructed with explicitly specified connection factory instance. Is there any ideas on that?
Under VS2015 the same code works well.

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