[odb-users] issue while working with MySQL database

Monika Idzik moni.idzik at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 14:14:57 EDT 2019

I'm using odb 2.5.0-b.15, installed by following the instructions from
for odb and runtime libraries including mysql.
So I have libodb-mysql-2.5.0-b.15 and libmysqlclient-8.0.15+1.

in odb/mysql/mysql-types.hxx I see that
"Starting with 8.0.11 MySQL renamed st_mysql_bind to MYSQL_BIND" but I have
mysql 8.0.15 so it should be fine.
Not sure what to search for here?

Are you using MySQL or MariaDB and which version?
> Look into odb/mysql/mysql-types.hxx and see if you can figure out
> what's going on.

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