[odb-users] Dependency issue with build2 0.12 and odb 2.5

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Nov 22 09:37:45 EST 2019

Vincent <chere.loque at gmail.com> writes:

>    $ bpkg create -d odb-build2/ cc config.cxx=g++ config.cc.coptions=-O3
> config.bin.rpath=my/local/lib/ config.install.root=my/local --wipe
>    $ cd odb-build2/
>    $ bpkg build --yes --trust-yes odb at https://pkg.cppget.org/1/beta
>    fetching pkg:cppget.org/beta
>    fetching pkg:cppget.org/testing (complements pkg:cppget.org/beta)
>    fetching pkg:cppget.org/stable (complements pkg:cppget.org/testing)
>    error: unable to satisfy constraint (build2 >= 0.11.0) for package odb
>       info: available build2 version is 0.10.0
>    info: while satisfying odb/2.5.0-b.17

Hm, interesting. What do these commands print in the same terminal:

$ where bpkg
$ bpkg --version

$ where b
$ b --version

BTW, thanks for providing the detailed transcript, makes figuring
this out much easier.

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