[odb-users] ODB 2.5.0

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue May 28 10:54:49 EDT 2019

Kingle Zhuang <kingle.zhuang at ringcentral.com> writes:

>   1.  When will the 2.5.0 version can be official released?

While the release is overdue we don't yet have a firm date.
The reason for the delay is that we are moving to a uniform
build/packaging toolchain as well as more of "continuous 
delivery" model in the future. I would recommend that you
do not wait for the official release and start using the
new setup as described here:


At this stage in the development cycle, it is as stable as 2.4.0,
we are using it ourselves in multiple projects, we have migrated
a number of users with very good results, and it is fully supported
(i.e., we provide the same level of support as for 2.4.0).

>   2.  For android arm64-v8a support, int64_t is type defined to long on
>       android ndk, and odb compiler only generate long long int for int64_t,
>       so when we use std::vector<int64_t> for field, odb compiler will
>       generate std::vector<long long int> for that, finally cause compiler
>       error when build 64bit app. So my question is that ‘Is it fix on
>       2.5.0?’

I am guessing you are generating the database support code on Linux
and then compiling it for the Android target. If that's the case, then
yes, chances are this could be fixed in 2.5.0 since we've done some
extra work on using aliases instead of the underlying types (it is still
not always possible). So I would suggest that you try 2.5.0 and see how
it goes.

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