[odb-users] Newbie call for aid

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Dec 17 07:38:16 EST 2019

Aviad Danieli <aviad.danieli at morphisec.com> writes:

> I managed to write the required header files and got the hxx and cxx files
> generated by ODB. However, I don't seem to manage to compile the project.

What build system are you using for your project and what exactly didn't

Generally, the recommended sequence of steps to add ODB to a new or
existing project:

1. Build the ODB compiler and ODB runtime libraries as described in:


2. Compile your header file with the ODB compiler produced on step (1).

3. Take the *-odb.* header/source files produced on step (2) and add
   them to your project like any other header/source file.

4. Link to the ODB runtime libraries produced on step (1).

> I went back to the published example projects, but going over the
> instructions in the README files it seems like I need to run ./configure
> --with-database=<database> but I don't seem to fine the configure file or a
> way to generate it anywhere.

I don't think this will help your much unless you are using autotools
to build your project.

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