[odb-users] Fwd: Getting "different libodb-boost interface versions" when compiling from source

Biohazard biohazard at hixxy.org
Thu Nov 15 05:47:14 EST 2018


I discovered this
thread when having trouble using ODB with c++17 and the proceeded to give
compiling the provided beta
a try. Now I'm getting version mismatch errors that I can't figure out how
to fix.

These are the offending errors:

src/data-odb.hpp:12:4: error: #error ODB and C++ compilers see different
libodb-boost interface versions


src/data-odb.hpp:22:2: error: #error ODB runtime version mismatch

Are you able to advise me on how to solve this? Also, do you have any idea
when the next stable release of ODB will be?


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