[odb-users] Using prefetch with Oracle

Marco Craveiro marco.craveiro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 07:23:53 EST 2017

Hi Boris,

<prefetch chanes>
>> So perhaps the way to do it is:
>> 1. Provide prefetch() functions on oracle::database() and
>>    oracle::connection() that can be used to modify database-wide
>>    and connection-wide prefetch values. Also set it to some
>>    reasonable default (say 512?)
>> 2. Provide oracle::select_statement::prefetch() to make the
>>    prepared query approach less tedious.
>> What do you think?
> Yep, makes perfect sense. Let me have a go at coding this then.

Just a quick heads up, I am working on this but I ended up having to
first replicate the setup at home so it's taking me quite a while. On
the plus side I am cataloguing the adventure under a series of blog
posts - [1], [2] so far - which may (or may not) help other Oracle /
ODB users. Should be getting to the code soon, hopefully.

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