[odb-users] Compilation error when calling QLazyWeakPointer<T>::load()

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 23 11:54:23 EST 2017

Hi Gilles,

Gilles Bene <gilles.benepougoue at gmail.com> writes:

>   template <>
>   class access::object_traits< ::Sortie >
>   {
>     public:
>     typedef ::Sortie object_type;
>     typedef ::QSharedPointer< ::Sortie > pointer_type;

Yes, this looks correct.

> I looked for anything like odb::object_traits<Sortie>::pointer_type
> as appearing in the error message but couldn't fine.

Hm, do you have Sortie-odb.hxx included in the source file where you
call load()? odb::object_traits<Sortie> (defined in <odb/traits.hxx>)
derives from odb::access::object_traits<Sortie>.


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