[odb-users] Custom tracer

david bowe dpbowe at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 23 04:34:40 EST 2017

Hi there,

I am implementing a custom tracer to log odb querys in a file using the given example in the manual.

However, when adding the custom tracer through the db pointer I am told I am not able to access the tracer odb::tracer class. The compiler gives the following error.

src/db-driver.cxx:68:21: error: ‘odb::tracer’ is an inaccessible base of ‘pgsql_tracer’

   db->tracer (tracer);


Any help would be gratefully appreciated [😡]

The following is my database connection function

void Database::connectDatabase() {

        const std::string username = "user";

        const std::string password = "pass";

        const std::string database = "database";

        const std::string host = "localhost";

        const unsigned int port = 5432;

        try {

                pgsql_tracer tracer;

                db.reset(new odb::pgsql::database (username, password, database, host, port));

                db->tracer (tracer);

        } catch (odb::exception& e) {

                FILE_LOG(logERROR) << e.what();





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