[odb-users] Using odb with oracle: stored procedures and cursors

Marco Craveiro marco.craveiro at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 11:19:22 EST 2017

Hi odb-users,

Many thanks for a fantastic product. I am about to embark on a project
using ODB against an Oracle database, so I've started reading the
documentation. However, I could not find any references to stored
procedures or cursors in the Oracle section of the manual - although I
can see it for SQL Server and others. I also quickly googled the
mailinglist and grepped the source without success, so I thought I'd
ask. Having said that, I must confess it wasn't the most thorough of
searches - so I apologise in advance if I missed something obvious.

My questions are:

1. Is it possible at present to call stored procedures for Oracle?
2. Is it possible for stored procedures from Oracle to return multiple cursors?
3. If one of both of these features are not currently available, would
this require a lot of changes on the ODB side? I would consider
submitting a patch if the work is straightforward.

Also, I would consider gluing some hand-crafted code if required in
order to get this to work, provided it is straightforward - for
example, call the proc manually via the low-level ODB oracle API,
obtain the cursors and then supply each cursor to ODB generated code.

Many thanks for your time.
Marco Craveiro

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