[odb-users] Re: odb-users Digest, Vol 67, Issue 11

Andrew Cunningham odb at a-cunningham.com
Tue Mar 29 12:05:44 EDT 2016

> Yes, I think this is a valid point. I've added a potential new feature to
> our list. Perhaps this could be a bool template argument. If we do this it
> will only be after we drop support for C++98 since the number of lazy
> pointers we currently have is too much.

Sounds great - I think you could definitely drop support for C++98 anytime
you like . That would be dropping support for  Visual Studio 2005/2008 and
some quite old GCC versions?
It would not be unreasonable on the Windows side to require Visual Studio
2013 as the base C++ version. We hung on to VS 2010 for far too long , and
just moved to VS 2013. But maybe others here can comment?

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