[odb-users] Error using odb.exe with Multi-Database Support and QT

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jan 22 09:56:17 EST 2016

Hi Евгений,

Евгений Айдаров <eugescha at yandex.ru> writes:

> odb.exe -m dynamic -d common -d mssql -d pgsql  -I
> "c:\Qt\5.4.0.vs2008\include" --profile qt .\DOL\abonent.hxx
> odb abonent.hxx
> 1>.\DOL\abonent.hxx:19:4: error: 'QString' does not name a type
> 1>    QString srv_ip;
> While I run them separatly everything is fine:
> odb.exe -m dynamic -d mssql -d pgsql  -I
> "c:\Qt\5.4.0.vs2008\include" --profile qt .\DOL\abonent.hxx

Hm, it seems the difference is the '-d common' option. Do you actually
include the Qt header in abonent.hxx? I.e., do you have something like:

#include <QtCore/QString>

If that doesn't help, try to run this command line and send its output:

odb.exe -v -m dynamic -d common -I "c:\Qt\5.4.0.vs2008\include" 
--profile qt .\DOL\abonent.hxx


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