[odb-users] ODB plugin error when executing

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 11 11:39:03 EST 2016

Hi Sverre,

Sverre Eplov <sverre at awion.dk> writes:

> since my last post I’ve looked into your GIT repos and found the “etc”
> projects with the scripts you use to build. (I assume ;)). I have worked
> out how your projects are placed in your “work” folder, and structured my
> accordingly, so I have the “dist.sh” script working for the libXXX projects,
> both GCC and Clang.

I am glad it was useful ;-).

> That cleared up a lot of stuff - if it not too much trouble, it would
> be very nice with a binary odb which matches current master branch.

Here you go:


Note that it is not a binary for Mac OS. You will still need to build the
ODB compiler from source. However, it is bootstrapped with the "blessed"
versions of autotools which I would expect to clear that preprocessor

> When you are contemplating switching build systems, would you mind
> sharing the thoughts you have?

While it is still at the very early stage, in a nutshell, it is becoming
an ever increasing pain to test, distribute, and support ODB on all the
platform/compiler combinations. This thread is a good example of it ;-).

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a build system that provides a
uniform and reliable build interface across all the platforms (some
people believe CMake provides this but I disagree). So we've decided
to try and fix this (and also make a package manager while at it). You
can read more about the project in the FAQ:



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