[odb-users] odb compiler error: The system cannot find the path specified

Mehmet Salih Çalışkan msalihcaliskan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 04:45:16 EDT 2015


I am using odb on my ubuntu system successfully however, when I want to 
port the code to windows system, I can't manage to run odb compiler. I 
follow the procedures below to build system:
- I downloaded the "odb-2.4.0-i686-windows" package
- I build "libodb-2.4.0" and "libodb-sqlite-2.4.0" by using mingw.

I can run "odb --version" without an error however, when I run "odb -d 
sqlite --generate-query --generate-schema person.hxx" command in "hello" 
sample folder from mingw command prompt, I get an error as below:

"odb.exe: error: The system cannot find the path specified."

mingw local/lib folder content is below:
- libodb.a
- libodb.la
- libodb.dll.a
- libodb-sqlite.a
- libodb-sqlite.la
- libodb-sqlite.dll.a

mingw local/bin folder content is below:
- libodb-2-4.dll
- libodb-sqlite-2-4.dll

Thank you in advance for your kind concern.

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