[odb-users] #pragma view pointer() ignored on Windows

Adnan RIHAN axel50397 at gmail.com
Fri May 29 09:34:14 EDT 2015

Hi Boris,

Thank your for your answer.
Unfortunately, it’s still not working. I’ve tried to apply the patches myself, and clone the git repository, still the exact same error.

It’s happening only on Windows, while on OSX there is no error. If it was a patch problem, I would have had the same error on OSX, right?

On 28 mai 2015 at 13:24:42, Boris Kolpackov (boris at codesynthesis.com) wrote:

Hi Adnan,  

Adnan RIHAN <axel50397 at gmail.com> writes:  

> erreur : no match for 'operator=' (operand types are  
> 'QSharedPointer<offer_view>' and  
> 'odb::object_traits<offer_view>::pointer_type {aka offer_view*}')  

I am pretty sure this is a known bug in the query_one() implementation  
(notice object_traits; it should be view_traits).  

Here are two patches that fix it:  



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