[odb-users] Question about join type for polymorphic objects

Енакаев Алексей Aleksey.Enakaev at infotecs.ru
Fri May 8 05:43:28 EDT 2015

We have a question about join type generated for polymorphic objects. 
Let's see at this sample code:

#pragma db object polymorphic
struct person { /* id, name, etc. */ };

#pragma db object
struct employee : person { /* position, etc. */ };

For object "employee" ODB compiler generates something like this:

SELECT * FROM "employee" LEFT JOIN "person" ON "person"."id" = 
"person"."id" ... etc.

but PostgreSQL can not use "LEFT JOIN" with "FOR UPDATE". Code

using query = odb::query< person >;
const query q = (query::id == some_id && query::name == some_name) + 
"for update";

causes PostgreSQL error "FOR UPDATE cannot be applied to the nullable 
side of an outer join". So we have to write some extras:

const query q = (query::id == some_id && query::name == some_name) + 
"for update of" + odb::object_traits_impl< employee, id_pgsql >::table_name;

Is there any way to explicit join type for polymorphic objects? And 
doesn't is look more reasonable to use INNER JOIN always for this kind 
of objects?

Best regards.

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