[odb-users] "vector_base::_arm" redeclared without dllimport

Adnan RIHAN axel50397 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 09:54:17 EDT 2015

Hi there,

I’m compiling a project from OS X to Windows.

Don’t worry (Boris), it’s working now, but I have nearly 260 compiler warnings (GCC 4.9.1, 32 bit): 
In file included from C:\msys\1.0\local\include/odb/vector-impl.hxx:218:0,
                 from C:\Documents and Settings\Max13\Bureau\LGC_src\apps\LGC\src\main.cpp:20:
C:\msys\1.0\local\include/odb/vector-impl.ixx:194:15: warning: 'void odb::vector_base::_arm(odb::transaction&) const' redeclared without dllimport attribute after being referenced with dll linkage
   inline void vector_base::

Don’t know if it’s known, or specific to GCC or the given version. My app is however working normally, so this is just a feedback.

Thanks for this work (ODB).
Cordialement, Adnan RIHAN.

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