[odb-users] base class, derived, separate headers and derived references base

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jul 17 06:52:57 EDT 2015


MM <finjulhich at gmail.com> writes:

> Looking at the the hxx, it just appears to me now the
> composite_value_traits< ::NS::selector, id_sqlite > class is defined
> _after_ this point (line 76). Is that why I have this error?

Thanks for the test. Yes, this is the source of the problem. Composite
values should be defined before being used. This normally gets enforced
naturally (because you cannot use a type in a data member until it is
defined), but in case of virtual data members, this can be subverted.

I've added a check for this to the ODB compiler. Now, for your case,
it prints:

NS/A.hpp:6:8: error: composite value type ::NS::selector must be defined before being used in class ::NS::A
NS_odb/A.hpp:10:12: info: data member ulid uses selector
NS/A.hpp:10:8: info: class selector is define here

> Is there a way to force generation of that class for selector before?

No, if the two entities (object A and selector, in your case) are
generated into the same source file, then they are generated in
the order they are defined in C++. So the two ways to fix your
example are: (1) move selector before A in A.hpp or (2) generate
A and selector into different source files.

I've done (1) and after fixing a couple of other bugs in your
example, the generated code compiles fine.


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