[odb-users] unknown database schema ''

Diego Fernando lordvampyre at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 14:55:13 EST 2015

Hi Boris,

I started to compile my real project.
My build folder is look like this

And my includes are like this
#include "./include/entity/branch.h"
To compile the project I have to change the include to
#include "../entity/branch.h"
And I have to change branch-odb.h to include the path to branch in the
#include "./include/entity/branch.h"

The problem is every time I compile the project I have to changed the
include in -odb.h

P.S: I am using Qt Creator and QMAKE

Thank you

2015-01-31 11:53 GMT-02:00 Diego Fernando <lordvampyre at gmail.com>:

> No, you misunderstand. If you specify just --generate-schema, then
>> the database schema will be generated embedded for SQLite and as
>> a .sql file for PG. If, however, you add '--schema-format embedded',
>> then the schema will be generated embedded even for PG.
>> Boris
> Hi Boris,
> Thank you again.
> Sorry for the misunderstood. I followed your instructions, rebuild the
> project and now it's working.
> Thank you.
> Diego Fernando

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