[odb-users] Problem with ODB in QtCreator and MingW

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Apr 23 10:40:17 EDT 2015


t-online <jan.k.pi at t-online.de> writes:

> ODB-Installtion like i do it (maybe you see a wrong step) :
> - i copy the ODB-Compiler files (without the "mingw") in the proper
> QtCreators MingW folders

Here is a quote from the README file that comes with the ODB compiler
binary for Windows:

Note also that while you can move the ODB compiler directory around, you
cannot move the individual sub-directories or files inside it. For example,
copying the ODB compiler executable to C:\Windows will not work.

And here are the instructions that come before that:

To install this package simply unpack it into a directory of your choice,
for example C:\tools. The ODB compiler binary will be in the bin\
directory inside the package directory, for example
C:\tools\odb-x.y.z-i686-windows\bin\. You can run the ODB compiler by
either using the absolute path, for example:

C:\tools\odb-x.y.z-i686-windows\bin\odb --version

Or you can add the bin\ directory to the Path environment variable. To
accomplish this, open Control Panel, then System, select the Advanced tab
and click on the Environment Variables button. If you have administrator
privileges, select the Path variable from the System variables list.
Otherwise, select (or create) the Path variable from the User variables
list. Click the Edit button and add the bin\ directory to the list. Click
Ok, then log off and log on again for the changes to take effect. Once this
is done, you should be able to run the ODB compiler by using just its name,
for example:

odb --version

So try this:

1. Unpack the ODB compiler archive to C:\
2. Don't move/copy any files
3. In your Qt MinGW prompt (or QtCreator), use the absolute path to
   the ODB compiler (e.g. C:\odb-2.4.0-i686-windows\bin\odb) and
   see if that works.
4. If step 3 works, try the PATH environment variable as described
   above so that you can just use 'odb'.


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