[odb-users] help

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Nov 6 09:07:07 EST 2014


In the future please use more descriptive subject line instead
of the generic "Help", as described in posting guidelines:


andrew.shy.lee at gmail.com <andrew.shy.lee at gmail.com> writes:

> if (db == "mysql")
>     r.reset (new odb::mysql::database (argc, argv)); // bad_alloc

I don't see why this constructor would throw bad_alloc. You may
want to run your application under a debugger and see what's going
on, i.e., what code in the stack trace actually throws the exception.

One common cause of bad_alloc is calling a function that allocates
something on the heap recursively until all the memory is exhausted.
So you may want to check for that as well.


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