[odb-users] Dumping Persistent Objects

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jun 30 05:38:57 EDT 2014

Hi Bruce,

Bruce Cresanta <cresanta at me.com> writes:

> I have a project for ODB and I need to erase, not truncate, persistent
> objects like tables and views and regenerate them on the fly with key
> calculations changed.

You mean you need to re-create the database schema? This is possible,
see Section 3.4, "Database" and Chapter 13, "Database Schema Evolution".

> Also read that you can base a view on a database view. I need to do
> this too to get a firehose cursor of several views. I could do a
> select into and write the views as persistent objects, but I have
> 12 million records.

Not sure what the question is here. To base an ODB view on a database
view you would use the ODB Table Views (Section 10.2).

> Wondered how ODB handles indexes?

Section 14.7, "Index Definition Pragmas".


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