[odb-users] Problems with ODB/MySQL and boost::posix_time recording sub-second values

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jun 28 03:50:05 EDT 2013

Hi Adam,

Adam Walters <adam at navigatesurgical.com> writes:

> My tests so far don't show a difference and I wonder if I am missing a
> vital step?

Some things to try:

1. Rebuild your test completely.

2. Make sure you are using MySQL server 5.6.4 or later. That's where
   sub-second support was added.

3. It is also quite possible that you have to use the client library
   (libmysqlclient) from MySQL 5.6.4 or later since earlier versions
   might not send the sub-second part to the server.

Otherwise I should have the VM with MySQL 5.6 ready on Monday and
then I will figure it out.


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