[odb-users] Enable RSS feed for odb-users?

Stath, Paul PStath at Axxcelera.com
Fri Jun 7 12:03:20 EDT 2013

Boris --

> Have you looked at the digest option? In essence, instead of receiving
I'm already using digest mode.
I don't have a problem w/ the velocity of odb-users, but do have a problem
with a couple of the other mailing lists that I subscribe to.
(Digest doesn't make it much better either.)

So I'm attempting to get all of my mailing list subs as RSS feeds.

> I took a look and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to add this
> support in mailman (it is on their TODO list).
I too looked to see if GNU Mailman provided RSS feeds, but no one
has provided one.  (I'm actually amazed, as I think this would be
extremely useful.  And would be a logical function for the archiver
to perform.)

> Also, my problem with an RSS feed of a mailing list is that there is
> no easy way to reply to a post. Before you could have written a quick
> reply to a question you know the answer to because it is so easy. With
> RSS you probably won't bother.
This is a good point.  It is not as easy as a simple email reply.
Of course since I use digest mode, you have almost always responded
before I even see the question.  ;)

> If you still want an RSS feed, then I think the best option is to add
> odb-users to gmane.org, which provides all kinds of RSS feeds for the
> mailing lists it tracks.
This is how I have handled the other mailing lists I subscribe to.
I had not realized that I could simply request a new list to be tracked.
That will work for me.  Thanks.

-- Paul

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