[odb-users] MS SQL rowversion

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sun Jan 13 05:04:30 EST 2013

Hi Chew,

Chew kk <chew.on.it at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm currently evaluating Codesynthesis ODB and some potential issues just
> cross my mind. Can the rowversion type in MSSQL mapped to C++ type? How
> should I mapped? While MSSQL is using rowversion for optimistic currency,
> can rowversion type be used as object version in ODB?

ODB implements a portable approach to optimistic concurrency in which
it maintains a sequential version number for each row. This is quite
similar to MSSQL's ROWVERSION but there are a few differences, mainly
due to the SQL server doing the incrementing automatically (and not
necesssarily sequentially).

If you are seriously interested in using ODB, we can go ahead and
implement support for ROWVERSION for the next release (planned for
end-Jan). I will also be able to package you a pre-release to try
in a couple of days.

> By the way, will there be any problems for LINQ and ODB to collaborate?

I don't see any. They both interface with the data via the "MSSQL
interface", so to speak. If you can make them use the common schema
(and ODB is very flexible in this regard), then everything should
work fine.


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