[odb-users] MS SQL rowversion

Chew kk chew.on.it at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 11:25:03 EST 2013


I'm currently evaluating Codesynthesis ODB and some potential issues just
cross my mind. Can the rowversion type in MSSQL mapped to C++ type? How
should I mapped? While MSSQL is using rowversion for optimistic currency,
can rowversion type be used as object version in ODB? I've an existing
application using rowversion of MSSQL for optimistic concurrency.
Specifically, it is using LINQ for database access. Another upcoming
application also needs to access same database but it needs to use ODB for
database access. In order not to break any existing applications, I can't
change the schema of the database. By the way, will there be any problems
for LINQ and ODB to collaborate?


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