[odb-users] libodb-sqlite-2.2.0 compile problem

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 14 00:13:47 EST 2013

Hi Uwe,

Uwe Kindler <uwe_kindler at web.de> writes:

> I'm just compiling all ODB 2.2.0 libraries with MinGW GCC 4.7.2 and  
> stumbled over the following libodb-sqlite-2.2.0 error:
> database.cxx:6:66: fatal error: odb/details/win32/windows.hxx: No such  
> file or directory

Ah, I know what happens. Your GCC is configured to use POSIX threads
(new thing in MinGW-W64; necessary to support C++11 threads). ODB now
detects this and also uses POSIX threads instead of Win32. The side
effect of this is that the Win32 headers, particularly, windows.hxx,
are no longer installed. But libodb-sqlite (and also libodb-mssql)
need this header on Win32 regardless of the threading model.

I've fixed libodb build system to always install windows.hxx on 
Windows. I've tested it on my side and it work fine. Could you
also give it a try and confirm that it is fixed? Then I will make
the bug-fix official.


> thank you for this quick fix - your support is awesome.

Thanks, I am glad things are (mostly) working for you ;-). And thanks
for the bug report, always appreciated!


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