[odb-users] Error C2766: explicit specialization; 'odb::mssql::default_type_traits<unsigned short>'

Tarik BENZ tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
Mon Apr 29 12:27:11 EDT 2013


I am trying to compile my project using odb on visual studio and I have this error :

Error C2766: explicit specialization; 'odb::mssql::default_type_traits<unsigned short>' has already been defined    Z:\GestionLabo\ODB\libodb-mssql-2.2.0\odb\mssql\traits.hxx    2131    1    OslLaboratoryManagerApplication

I am using this to compile my odb files :


It is a Qt application on visual studio 2012

I would be grateful if there is some one to explain me what is this error!

Kind Regard 


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