[odb-users] Prepared statement feature

Stath, Paul pstath at axxcelera.com
Fri Oct 19 12:49:35 EDT 2012

Boris --

The documentation looks good.

I think that being able to register a factory method elegantly solves the
only objection I had about your design.

I'll be happy to test this, but probably can't put any time towards it until early Nov.

I'm building ODB from the release source tar-ball.
I would be happy to simply use git to download the source, just let me know the branch name
Where the prepared query work can be found.


-- Paul

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> Hi Paul,
> Ok, the prepared query feature is implemented and I think the interface
> turned out to be quite clean. If you would like to read the
> documentation
> in the meantime, I've published the updated manual here:
> http://www.codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/odb/manual.xhtml#4.5
> Let me know when you are ready to test this and I will package you
> a snapshot.
> Boris

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