[odb-users] Would you like tell me how to compile the odb-compiler in vc9.0

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jan 16 09:06:36 EST 2012

Hi Hao,

haodate at 126.com writes:

> Thanks for your reply and I also want to ask you about the efficiency
> of the odb:
> As the odb allow application to use relation data base, it should
> access the data base tables using SQL I guess.

Yes, that's correct.

> if it is true, what about it's efficency if I use it to store CAD
> graphic element? As in my application I use the pesistence data
> base as catched object pool. in this way, it is unnecessary for
> the application to known whether the data is in disk or in memory
> and larguantity graphic elements can be handled.

It is hard to answer this question without knowing more about what
kind of data you are planning to store and which database you will
use. Even then, it all depends on what is sufficient performance
for your application.

The best way to answer this question then is to create a test that
mimics some of your data and access patterns and see how it runs.
Luckily it is quite easy to do with ODB. Having said that, it
sounds like an embedded database, like SQLite, will be the best
fit for this kind of application. Our tests show that ODB with
SQLite is quite fast. See this blog post for some numbers:


> You realy provide a great products and thanks for your construction work.

Thanks, I am glad you like the tools that we make.


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