[odb-users] new user issue, already tried out the examples

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Jan 11 14:35:27 EST 2012

Hi Jim,

Jim Green <student.northwestern at gmail.com> writes:

> when I tried to make test.o in step 1, I get the following error:
> dev/pkgs/odb/odb-examples- error: ignoring
> #pragma db object

I assume you are using GCC (g++) as your C++ compiler. The above message
is normally a warning (triggered if you specify the -Wall option) but I
believe you've made GCC treat all warnings as errors (with the -Werror
option) so the above is an error. There are several ways to get rid of
this warning/error. The easiest is to pass the -Wno-unknown-pragma
option to GCC. The other methods are described in Section 12.5, "C++
Compiler Warnings" in the ODB Manual:



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