[odb-users] new user issue, already tried out the examples

Jim Green student.northwestern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 23:56:59 EST 2012


the application where I want to use odb is built like this:

1,  cpp files are compile to corresponding .o files.
2, some of the .o files are archived to .a ( each .a represents a library)
3, the .a files are linked with non archived .o files to produce the executable.

I would be using odb in one of the cpp file(call it test.cpp, it is
one module in a library) in step 1.

and I tried add the following

in test.cpp

#include <odb/database.hxx>
#include <odb/session.hxx>
#include <odb/transaction.hxx>
#include "~/dev/pkgs/odb/odb-examples-"
#include "person.hxx"
#include "person-odb.hxx"

all of them are in search path.

when I tried to make test.o in step 1, I get the following error:

dev/pkgs/odb/odb-examples- error: ignoring
#pragma db object

I tried various things, read the documentation but still couldn't
figure out the problem, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and more info would be provided if needed.


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