[odb-users] Re: Problem loading long TEXT strings with MySQL

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 9 09:22:03 EST 2012

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Gerasch <gerasch at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

> But, in the meantime...

In the future, for a new question please start a new thread with a 
descriptive subject instead of replying to an unrelated one, as
discussed in the posting guidelines:


> .. we got a problem with loading of long strings (> 265 characters)
> which are mapped to TEXT in MySQL.
> We figured out, that it is caused by the definition of basic_buffer from  
> buffer.hxx:
> [...]
> where you set the capacity to 256. So, if I increase the capacity (as  
> shown below in my *-odb.hxx by introducing a default constructor) it  
> works again. Is there a problem with the odb-compiler or do we miss some  
> configuration (pragma?) options? It would be nice to set the default  
> "max-length" of std::strings.

No, this is the default initial buffer size and the buffer is automatically
expanded as needed.

Which version of ODB are you using? We fixed a bug that affected this
mechanism in version 1.6.0 so if you are using something earlier, you
will need to upgrade.

If you are already using 1.6.0 or later then I will need more information
on how to reproduce this. Does it happen when you call load() or some
other database function? Ideally I would need a small test case that
reproduces this problem (you can use one of the examples as a base, if
you want).


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