build2 – C++ Build Toolchain

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? It’s a C++ build system… it’s a C++ package manager… it’s a C++ package repository! Check it out: build2.

One Response to “build2 – C++ Build Toolchain”

  1. ajneu Says:

    Hi Boris,

    another build system for C++ !?! Yikes!
    This is really a hard long task, if you want it feature-rich and want to get people to use it. (at least that’s my opinion.)

    Particularly with CMake being really very very nice.
    To me CMake is the answer to all my build tasks:

    * It can do multi-platform and generate Makefiles for Linux, MSYS2, Mingw, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.
    * It handles Qt moc without problems.
    * It handles cross-builds nicely (example: )
    * It has a good plugin system e.g. for finding libraries (e.g. cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost ..)
    * It has good support for building libraries (shared, static)
    * debug vs release builds
    * build vs install commands
    * flexible RPath support
    * support for pulling in remote projects via git (e.g. )
    * command language (copy this here, do this after build, etc.)
    * detect platform, detect endianness, detect 32 bit vs 64 bit
    * generate files (e.g. special .h file)
    * support for packaging (e.g. deb files)