Xerces-C++ 3.1.1 released

Xerces-C++ 3.1.1 was released today. This version is a bug-fix release and is binary-compatible with Xerces-C++ 3.1.0. For the complete list of changes refer to the official announcement on the project’s mailing list.

One notable new feature in this version is the addition of the Visual Studio 2010 (10.0) project and solution files for the library, examples, and tests. As anyone who tried to convert a fairly large project from previous versions of Visual Studio can attest, this is no small matter. We have also successfully tested the library built with Visual Studio 2010 against various test suites, including the XML Schema Test Suite (XSTS).

As with previous versions, this release has been tested on all major platforms and comes with precompiled libraries (total 18) for various CPU architectures, operating systems, and C++ compilers. For most platforms 32-bit and 64-bit variants are provided.

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