Xerces-C++ 3.0.0 beta 1 released

I’ve spent the past three weeks prepping the Xerces-C++ 3.0.0 code for the upcoming release which culminated in the publishing of the first beta yesterday. The major change in 3.0.0 compared to the 2-series releases is the new, autotools-based build system for Linux/UNIX platforms. Other improvements in 3.0.0 include:

  • Project files for VC 9
  • Support for the ICU transcoder in VC 7.1, 8, and 9 project files
  • libcurl-based net accessor
  • Support for XInclude
  • Support for a subset of XPath
  • Conformance to the final DOM Level 3 interface specification
  • Ability to provide custom DOM memory manager
  • Better 64-bit support
  • Cleaned up error messages
  • Better tested, including against W3C XML Schema test suite
  • Removal of the deprecated code

My primary goals in this release are to make it cleaner, easier to build, better tested, as well as to provide better XML Schema support. And it does feel that the 3.0.0 codebase is on track to achieve these goals. If you are planning to upgrade to 3.0.0 once the final version is out, I suggest that you give this beta a try and report any problems so that they can be fixed before the final release. For more details on this beta see the official announcement.

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