libcutl is a C++ utility library. It contains a collection of generic and independent components such as meta-programming tests, smart pointers, containers, compiler building blocks, etc.


libcutl is free, open-source software; you can use, distribute, and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License.


libcutl is distributed in source code and includes the standard autotools build system as well as the VC++ project files. Follow the instructions in the accompanying INSTALL file to build libcutl for your platform. The libcutl packages for the current stable release are listed below.

libcutl-1.10.0 zip | sha1 tar.gz | sha1 tar.bz2 | sha1

For previous versions see the libcutl download directory. The development version is available from the libcutl repository.


We provide free, best-effort technical support for libcutl via the libcutl-users mailing list. Simply send an email to this mailing list with the description of a bug or a problem that you encountered. Please follow the Posting Guidelines to receive a prompt reply.