This page lists all the projects we are working on. Some of them are also featured as products while others are still not mature enough. Yet for some we have no plans of turning them into products.

Individual project pages provide links to source distributions, lists of dependencies, build instructions and other developer-oriented information. If you are looking for binary distributions, introductory documentation or examples then you need products.

build2 build2 is a cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging C++ code.
ODB ODB is a cross-platform and cross-database object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++. It allows you to persist C++ objects to a relational database without having to deal with tables, columns, or SQL and without manually writing any mapping code.
XSD XSD is a W3C XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler. It includes a number of backends that produce vocabulary-specific, statically-typed C++ mappings.
XSD/e XSD/e is an open-source, dependency-free XML Schema to C++ compiler for mobile, embedded, and light-weight applications. It provides XML parsing, serialization, XML Schema validation and XML data binding while maintaining a small footprint and portability.
libstudxml libstudxml is a streaming XML pull parser and streaming XML serializer implementation for modern, standard C++. It has an API that we believe should have already been in Boost or even in the C++ standard library.
CLI CLI is a command line interface compiler for C++. It allows you to specify the options that your program supports, their types, and default values. This specification can then be translated to C++ classes that implement parsing of the command line arguments and provide a convenient and type-safe interface for accessing the extracted data.
build build is a massively-parallel software build system implemented on top of GNU make.
libcutl libcutl is a C++ utility library. It contains a collection of generic and independent components such as meta-programming tests, smart pointers, containers, compiler building blocks, etc.
libxsd-frontend libxsd-frontend is a compiler frontend for the W3C XML Schema definition language. It includes parser, semantic graph types and traversal mechanism.
XSSTL XML Schema Standard Type Library is a collection of universally-useful data types defined in the W3C XML Schema language.
XSDBench XSDBench is a W3C XML Schema benchmark that compares the performance of validating XML parsers.