CodeSynthesis XSD/e User Quotes

"We are using XSD/e on the Common Telemetry Infrastructure Platform (CTIP) for monitoring and control of the new Waratah trains in Sydney, Australia. XSD/e really helped in translating our XSD's in to a consistent and well designed C++ object model, allowing our developers to deal with objects and logical API's and not get bogged down in the DOM.

For the CTIP project we needed to achieve a SIL1 rating (highest IEC EN 61508 Safety Integrity Level). We were successful in this and help you gave us in providing unit test information certainly helped when it came to satisfying the independent assessor that our third party libraries were appropriate for this task. This fact may be of use to other customers of yours if they too need to achieve this rating.

Thanks in particular for your assistance with our anyType implementation and the beta releases you provided to help with facet validation. We also benefited from the answers you provided to other users on your support forum which helped us not only with XSD/e but XSD/XML in general."

Chris Steinbeck, Thales Australia, in private communication
"I'm very pleased with XSD/e. I built it for iPhone/iPad in no time and I now have a working MusicXML parser with very little effort."
James Sutton, in private communication
"[I] was searching for a possibility to parse/serialize XML streams/files. So I found XSD/e and was surprised how simple the code generation and usage of the generated code is.

I use XSD/e to exchange data between an embedded WinCE 5.0 device or Win32 PC and .NET code. The code that uses XSD/e runs on Win CE as well as on Win 32. I just built the different versions against different XSD/e builds."
Thomas Frenzel, in e-mails (first, second) to xsde-users
"I'm using XSD/e on an iPhone project and it saved me a lot of time."
Frank Benady, in an e-mail to xsde-users